About Camera Hoax.

This website represents the web version of the mobile application “Camera Hoax” which is available on Apple Store.

Click Here for the app.

In this site you can upload your own stickers. The best ones will end up in actual application.

Now people will be eager to stand next to you for a chance to see paranormal or extraterrestrial activity. Have fun with your friends or just make them believe in a hoax that you have created.

Add latest touch to the picture you are taking, choose the best match with each picture for the best effect.

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Hoax apps for idevice are the perfect way to prank yourfriends and have fun hoaxing them. A latest addition in the hoax apps is the latest Camera Hoax developed by LavGames. In essence, Camera Hoax allows you to take a picture from within the app and place one of the many stickers available in the app to scare yourfriends.